We Are Defining the Standards with FAVE Certification

Our team of Inclusion Advisors have developed universal standards and expectations for safety planning and employee training for businesses dedicated to including individuals with Autism, other communication disorders and intellectual disabilities, as well as their families, with safe and valuable inclusive experiences.

The FAVE Think Tank includes inclusive consumers, professionals in the field of disabilities, and professionals from multiple businesses that have helped define standards to accommodate the needs across industries. A special thank you to each member for your valuable input and assistance!     



    Travis Akins*, Executive Director - Growth Through Opportunity 






   Curie Blair*, Marketing Consultant 






    Alex Barge, Camp Director ESUCP





    Jamie Granatino, MS, BCBA, Regional Coordinator - Early Autism Project 





    Mary Kerr*, Preseident - Poseidon's Children Aquatic Adventures





    Tom Tanner, EA, PMP, Small Business Consultant - Roanoke Small Business Center





    David Willis*, MBA, Managing DIrector - Root, Inc. 





    Chad Treadway, Business Development Manager - Cube Creative Design, Inc. 





    Will Long - Pope, McMillian P.A. 






    Brent Barrett - Strategic Planning and Law Enforcement Consultant 






    Lisa Soltis - Economic Development Specialist, City of Roanoke






*Parent of an Individual with Autism, communication disorders and/or intellectual disabilities  


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Stop, Evaluate, Accommodate

for individuals with communication and intellectual disabilities