FAVE is collaborating to take inclusion from awareness to opportunities!

Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research (VTCAR)

The Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research was established in the College of Science to promote collaborative research on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related conditions from multiple disciplinary perspectives. The VT Center for Autism Research builds upon basic research and clinical resources already available at Virginia Tech and works closely with the Virginia Tech Autism Clinic and other autism service providers to provide outreach on research findings, conduct research, and recruit participants. 

VT CAR has a mission of merging science and service.  With our foundation in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we are collaborating to  disseminate evidence-based practices for ASD and related conditions.

  • Unanimous endorsement as a VT CAR community affiliate
  • A VT CAR Partner in Autism Learning and Service (PALS)
  • Collaborating to bring you VT CAR's SAFE: Supporting Autism Friendly Environments inclusive opportunities for people with ASD, their families, and friends

Growth Through Opportunity

Growth Through Opportunity Cadets (GTO CADETS™) learn valuable skills alongside public safety personnel to enhance their employability. 

  • Collaborating to train and certify emergency management and public safety departments
  • Enhancing opportunities for competitive employment for individuals with disabilities
  • Disseminating evidence-based practices in vocational training

DePaul Community Resources

For 40 years, DePaul Community Resources has opened doors to hope and belonging for families and individuals across Central and Southwest Virginia.

We are not only a nonprofit human services organization—we are a social impact organization. Every day we work to change the world by improving the lives of children, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Allies to develop inclusive communities and opportunites across Virginia