Lauren-Lee M. Askew, MS, BCBA/LBA

Founder/Executive Director/Inclusion Advisor

Lauren-Lee M. Askew, BCBA/LBA is a highly-trained Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst. Her experience is diverse; not only in range of disabilities but also geographically, from North Carolina to California and now, Virginia.

Lauren has been working with Individuals with Intellectual, Developmental, Physical and Mental Disabilities for over 20 years.  Lauren began as a student researcher in the Meredith Autism Program and received her clinical supervision at the West Coast May Institute. Lauren relocated to Virginia as a Program Director at the Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center. She transitioned to Centra and became the Autism Program Manager, growing their Autism program in nine schools across the state of Virginia and developed their ABA outpatient program. Lauren has also been a consultant in seven area school districts and been serving the Regional Autism Program for the last six years. While a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and prior to certification as a BCBA, Lauren was the appointed state representative to the VA Board of Medicine ABA Working Group to develop licensure regulations for Virginia.

One of Lauren’s passions is promoting evidence based practices in the community by providing trainings to PICU nurses at Carillion, several area churches, local colleges, parent support groups and recreation programs as well as local small businesses.

With the help of Tom Tanner and the Small Business Development Center, a “Think Tank” of parents and professionals, and a team of volunteers, Lauren has been developing the FAVE program for over 4 years. Her passion and mission, in designing and implementing FAVE, has been to bring a program with renewable certification to participating institutions; from hotel chains to cruise ships and travel agencies to police departments, resorts, restaurants, and any place that interacts with people. Through this renewable certification, FAVE certified businesses and agencies will receive the tools, training and support to ensure their staff are trained and barriers are addressed to allow the public and clients to know inclusion and assistance for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities is available.

Lauren’s vison for the FAVE program and certification is that it will become as recognizable as the physical handicap symbol; that FAVE will facilitate inclusion for those with often “unseen” disabilities and make their lives better.




Micaela S. Loudermelk, MS, BCBA

Regional Director/Inclusion Advisor

Micaela is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has been working with Individuals with Intellectual, Developmental, Physical and Mental Disabilities for over 20 years. She completed her undergraduate studies at Meredith College, starting in 1998, as a student researcher in the Meredith Autism Program, one of Dr. Ivar Lovaas’ (UCLA) world-wide research replication sites, implementing the highly structured Lovaas Model of teaching children with Autism.

Her undergraduate thesis focused on determining the difference in amount of knowledge acquired when presented with information written in research terminology versus layman terminology; more information was acquired when individuals were presented with information written in layman terminology. Micaela focuses on delivering information and services in this way to ensure that is accessible and easily understood by her audience to promote better understanding and implementation in the setting of need. Her years of professional practice include extensive experience working with individuals with varied Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Individuals with Mental Illness as well as Individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Micaela’s areas of interest include Verbal Behavior, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Assistive Technology, Training for the Safety of all Individuals, and Relational Frame Theory.




Andrea N. Burchfield (Mascitelli), MA, ABD, RBT

Director of Applied Research/Inclusion Advisor

Andrea is a doctoral candidate expecting to graduate in August 2018 from George Mason University's Applied Developmental Psychology program. She began teaching mindfulness-training courses in 2015 and for her dissertation study, she taught mindfulness-training courses to parents of children with autism spectrum disorder examining the effects on parent and child variables. Andrea's experience in psychological research includes data collection, psychometric analysis, single case design, randomized control trials, and longitudinal studies. 

She has been training professionals in the areas of disability awareness, accommodation procedures, safety tools, and strategies based in Applied Behavior Analysis since 2008. She taught behaviorally analytic and psychological courses from 2012 to 2015, and received the top student ratings in the psychology department. 

Andrea has provided educational and therapeutic services to people with disabilities since 2002, and began practicing Applied Behavior Analysis in 2006. She focuses on delivering services with an accepting, compassionate and choice-driven process and mindset.



Kim McInnis, OTD, MSOT, OTR/L

Inclusion Advisor

Kim has over 30 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist with 22 years serving Roanoke County Public Schools. She graduated from Quinnipiac University in 1986 and after 26 years of clinical experience obtained her masters and post-doctoral degrees in OT in 2013 from Virginia Commonwealth of University. Her capstone project was on Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities within the Church, which included implementation of enlarged mass guides, staff training, 1-1 support, and hands-on tools/resources to support children with disabilities in Christian Formation Classes. Kim has acted as Disability Advocate for her church since 2011 and is excited to join on as one our FAVE Inclusion Advisors.

Kim’s passion is to help present the FAVE certification training and share her expertise with the business sector/community while supporting families/persons with physical, cognitive, communication and/or mental illness challenges so they feel accepted and integrated in their community.





Michelle Austin, COTA/L

Inclusion Advisor

Michelle has 9 years of experience in the field of occupational therapy. She has worked with adults and children of diverse skills levels and with varied disabilities. Michelle’s passion is to help those with disabilities, including their families and caregivers, to access community resources, engage in meaningful activities and learn about accommodations which can enhance quality of life.

She brings to FAVE her willingness to share knowledge in these areas with businesses and community agencies in order to assist them in their desire to facilitate inclusion for all people.